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I do like chocolate and Edward Norton. But not together...Well, maybe together. And a significant portion of my life revolves around my love for them. That's  all you need to know, really.

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★ Well, the Oscar nominees are in, so it's that time again:

and the oscar goes to....Collapse )
★ I don't know how I avoided it this long, but The Walking Dead is pretty damn fantastic. I'd never have thought I'd be into something like that, but I LOVE THIS SHOW. Andrew Lincoln is hot.

It's an excellent show regardless of your interest in zombies. It explores the human relationships stressed to the limit in dire situations which is ripe for good drama. Don't get me wrong...there is still a bunch of zombie goodness to enjoy, but the main focus and where most of the drama is created is from the human interaction between all of the survivors. It is a lot like Battlestar Galactica in that respect. There, all humans but 50K die in a robot uprising and now they must survive. But it isn't (just) a show about robots. So you should all give BSG a change. (can't resist a shameless plug) I STILL MISS THIS SHOW SFM. I AM HOPING MY CAPS LOCK WILL CONVINCE EVERYONE.

★ Speaking of BSG, just saw the news! Jamie Bambi Bamber is  to star in BBC's major new sci-fi drama about the colonisation of a new planet, Outcasts. Sounds like BSG season 5 but I don't mind. It's gonna be nice to have him back on my screen.


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11 January 2011 @ 12:52 am

2011 resolution: I'm going to be much more active around here again. This level of pathetic lack of journal updating must end.

Was wondering if anyone else here is into chanson française and thinking about going to the Vanessa Paradis concert at the Haliç Kongre Merkezi. I am considering buying a ticket but was wondering who else may be attending from LJ. For those who are not familiar, Vanessa Paradis is a very successful French singer, model,actress. I've uploaded two of my favorite songs of her.In case you're interested. L'Incendie  et L'eau et le vin. Enjoy!

Most films that have been adapted from a book tend to not live up to the book experience. And Never Let Me Go is no exception. I know how hard it would be to capture the internal nuances of the characters but they could at least interpret the essence of the story in their own way :\ There was something missing in the film. Things get skipped or glossed over, or not fully developed, which I believe would have made the film richer. Btw I loved the musical score by Rachel Portman. One of my faves and an oscar winner for a reason. Her music brings about a lot of the emotions that the screenplay by Alex Garland leaves out. You can download the score here.
09 December 2010 @ 10:37 am

Hey there, everyone,

I finally got a tumblr! I’m totally late to the party and I also have no clue what I am doing or who I should follow or anything related to blogging like this. So please leave me your tumblr addresses in a comment!